January 7, 2010: Troubleshooting USB connections
Hey all- I've heard lots of rumblings of trouble with the USB connection to your Activboards. I just spent about 10 minutes helping Carl get his board running again. I got the most helpful hints from FirstTech Promethean FAQ site What I ended up having to do was:
  1. Unplug the USB cable from the computer.
  2. Uplug the other end from the box on the wall.
  3. Turn off all power to the board (the button on the left side is RED when the power is off). Wait about 30 seconds.
  4. Reconnect all the cables.
  5. Turning the power button back on is optional: the board gets power from your computer through the USB cable. However, the button needs to be GREEN in order for the speakers to work.

Active Board Driver Updates
As of 1/7/10, your computer should be running driver version 5.2.7 (Mac) or (PC- use the 32 bit version)

Updated drivers can be downloaded from this website (use the ActivDriver link):

Training Resources
Promethean Planet

Link to the Promethean Online Community

Atomic Learning ActivStudio 3
Link to the Atomic Learning videos on using Active Studio. The most recent version is actually called "ActivInspire" but this is a great place to get started. Use your email address as user name, "atomic" as the password.