Good News!
Our 12-month BrainPOP Classroom Access Subscription is active and ready to go! You’ll now be able to access BrainPOP during school hours (7:00am-5:30pm local time). The user name and password are:

Username: crosshome
Password: crosshome
For after-hours access, use the same username and password.

Resources for use in the classroom can be found here:

This subscription allows only three concurrent connections, which basically means that only three teachers can be using BrainPop at any one time. I don't anticipate that this will cause trouble; we'll need to kind of play it by ear to see if we need to use a more formal reservation procedure for using it. For the time being, just send me an email when you are planning to use BrainPop- if I see that more than three of you are wanting to use it at the same time, I'll need to create a reservation calendar...