Did You Know? Wednesday, December 2
The latest version of the "Did you Know?" video is below:

There are some good discussions about the implications of this information in education at the Shift Happens wiki

Another thing to think about: a report aired on NPR's Morning Edition on December 1st that outlined how mobile devices are actually starting to close the digital divide. Cell phones are the primary conduit to online information for many minority groups. Read the whole story here. As educators, we need to find a way to positively encourage this trend, and empower our students to use these tools effectively!!!

Downloading YouTube Videos- KickYouTube Option: Wednesday, November 11
KickYouTube is a website that helps you easily download YouTube videos to your hard drive. Doing this will help you show instructional videos more smoothly and reliably in class. This will only work on YouTube; if you want to download a video from another site, you will still need to follow the directions Greg outlined above.

  1. Find the video you need on YouTube
  2. In the address bar, type the word "kick" in FRONT of the word "youtube" in the URL and hit return.Picture_3.png
  3. The video will open on the KickYouTube website. Choose either the MP4 of FLV video format (if you want the highest quality, choose HD, but be prepared to wait awhile!!!), then click the green "GO" button.
  4. When that button turns blue, your video is ready to download. Right click (or CONTROL-CLICK) on the blue button, and choose the "Download linked file as" command. Tell it where to save, and click OK.

Downloading YouTube videos ahead of time- Wednesday, September 30
Greg's segment will be on downloading YouTube videos and other media to the desktop by using Safari's "Activity" window. Downloaded videos require a Quicktime plugin in order to view the download (.flv files).

The Quicktime plugin to use for this is Perian - the "swiss-army knife" of Quicktime plugins.

Here is the site:

Staff members who wish to use the technique will need to be able to download and install this plugin, or have it installed for them.

Information from Gina's Google Custom Search- Wednesday, September 23:
The Google Custom Search tool is here .
Information about how to create a Custom Search can be found on the Google CSE Documentation page .