If you need help with a hardware or software issue, please contact the Crosswinds Computer Support Technician .

My primary support job is to help you integrate technology effectively in your instruction. Because I only have 50 minutes per day to do this, I will no longer be able to come to your classroom, instruct your students, or meet with you during your prep period. I will, however, be able to help you plan your lessons, prepare materials, find resources, and recommend procedures for most effectively using technology for your particular lessons or units.

To request instructional support:
  1. Click on the "Discussion" tab above
  2. At the bottom of the page, you will see a "Post Message" option. In the subject field, enter a brief but descriptive title for your request.
  3. In the message field, describe the lesson or unit that you are planning, when you are planning to begin teaching the lesson, and the questions you need answered or support you need. The more lead time I get, the better.
  4. Click the "Monitor Topic" option at the bottom of the page- when I respond to your request, you will be alerted by email.
  5. I will check this site daily, and hopefully respond in a timely manner.